TH-A special cross-braiding machine

Country of Origin:Taiwan


Detail Specifications

A. Equipment characteristics
a. The equipment is high tension, high speed, high torque equipment, tailored to
customer needs.
b. With broken lights, abnormal light wire.
c. This machine is equipped with positive and reverse button for making choices.
d. Two-way safety button. (Emergency use)
e. This equipment PLC, a liquid crystal display screen.
f. Inch button, for fault or segment wiring when used.
g. Cooling system matching.
h. This page is abnormal display page, will take a cumulative record; can not
eliminate the cumulative way.
i. I tricolor light, green for the power signal, yellow is running lights, red is the fault
indicator light.
B. Equipment Specifications
a. Designed for special custom equipment for the design.
b. The number of spindles can be customized according to customer's production.
c. The current custom machinery capacity, 24, tension 1.8 ~ 2.2kg, 1H / 100M
output value.
d. Screen language, the British two options, if you need to increase the screen
language, please inform.
e. High-speed models will be coupled with tank cooling. Taihe Machinery Factory